Dance, dance, dance. I was a dancer all along.

Yesterday I found out I had been moved off the waiting list for Herräng Dance Camp.
That means I am going saturday morning by bus to Herräng, dancing Lindy Hop Beginners Intermediate for a whole week. Yikes! I am scared and excited at the same time.

I have been in a rush yesterday and today, making the costume for fridays costume party themed “Wonders in wonderland”. You can see my dancing dress above (and the boater hat with blue ribbon).
Would you like me to make movies and photograph my adventures for the following week? See you soon! Love.

18 thoughts on “Dance, dance, dance. I was a dancer all along.

  1. Oi, du har flyttet hit! Så fint det er her inne!
    Kos deg med dansing denne uken, kjolen er kjempesøt!
    Alice in Wonderland-kostymet ditt blir sikkert superfint, forresten. God søndag!

  2. Oh, the colours are wonderful! Do you edit your pictures with photoshop? How do you get that dreamy, fairytale like feeling? ;)

  3. Åh vad kul att du ska dit, jag har funderat så mycket på att börja dansa lindyhop, det verkar vara sådan glädje. Klart vi vill se bilder och filmer därifrån, eller i alla fall jag!

  4. Ohhhh!I really love your pretty dress.I want to see more pictures next week!

    Your blog and photos are amazing!


  5. tack för boktipset "Kafka på stranden" grymt spännande bok..

    Gillar din foto stil väldigt mycket!

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