I helgen invigde jag mina nya skor. Säg hej till Margot från Swedish Hasbeens!

Marinblå 50-tals klänning med rund krage, vintage
Röd läderväska, Etsy
Prickig scarf, inhandlad på second hand
Runda glasögon, Myrorna
Röda skor, Swedish Hasbeens

9 thoughts on “Margot

  1. The days before I could’t get through your blog and I don’t know why. I thought you’ve closed it. Luckily you don’t ’cause I’m such in love with your photography (and your dresses)! Ciao*

    1. June, I have changed my blog address and that is probably why you could not find me. I am so happy you got here, keep coming back and I will continue posting photographs and dresses!

  2. Yes, I was got the red shoes ; ) I would have as well! You look radiant in this dress, what a find. The blog is beautiful. Hope you have a wonderful week x

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