Sans soleil.

Sorry about my unintentional blog break! I have been working a lot and every time I want to photograph for the blog, it’s dark outside. The Swedish winter I tell you, is very dark.

Here are a few photographs from this weekend, when I photographed artist and writer Pontus de Wolfe for something exciting.
Promise to show you more photographs from this moment very soon.
I am wearing one of my favorite 50’s dress in the mirror above. See you soon!

Photos by: Silversaga.

13 thoughts on “Sans soleil.

  1. I have missed your posts :-) But certainly understand life getting in the way – it must be very difficult to get the shots you want while it is so gloomy outside!

    Beautiful dress, I look forward to seeing more of your shoot!

    Jem xXx

  2. OK det där var din finaste klänning någonsin silversagan. alla kategorier. ren perfektion.

  3. Oh the Finnish winter is just the same, I guess you knew it. You can't really photograph outside after 3 pm… A nice dress that is!!

  4. I know that winter darkness – it's the same in Norway,
    each day when I get home form work it's to dark to take pictures – and that is just really sad.

  5. Gud den där kaninbilden är kanske det finaste någonsin. Ljuvligt! Ser fram emot de officiella resultaten… verkar så spännande!

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