Shake it out.

Photo: Jessica Silversaga

Last weekend I was invited to Tygverket’s workshop “Making a circle skirt”.

Photo: Jessica Silversaga

I am so happy with the result. I have wanted a simple black wool skirt with high waist for quite some time now.

Photo: Jessica Silversaga

Amanda was so amazing and helped me learn how to make one. It was very easy!

Photo: Jessica Silversaga

Read more about the workshop here.

Photo: Jessica Silversaga

Todays outfit completely in wool;
Circle skirt, made by me
Wool top with collar, by Jaeger
Silver necklace, from my childhood

11 thoughts on “Shake it out.

  1. Well done! It's lovely! My mum made several similar skirts when she was my age, thirty years ago, for herself – now they fit me. It feels great wearing them!

  2. Hej kan man bli kär i en gif? för jag tror bestämt att jag blev kär i en gif precis. Så otroligt vackert och drömskt och vackert igen! Älskar den där gifen på kragen och halsbandet. Älskar den!

  3. That is beautiful..I love wool..these clothes look very warm and pretty!! I should learn to do this really, would be so much fun :)) My mother taught me as a child, I need to re-learn. You look beautiful as always!! xx

  4. What a perfect outfit! And well done on the skirt! I have been meaning to make myself some good circle skirts for ages – you have inspired me to get onto it!

    Gaby xoxo

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